A place to call home.

Jack’s Wife Freda

Starting with creating a custom typeface, we developed an identity that communicates the warm, casual and quirky personalities of the family that runs the restaurant. Copywriting has been an important vehicle for bringing the brand to life and infusing the space with the playfulness Dean and Maya are known and loved for.


Dean and Maya Jankelowitz


“What started out as a dream, Paperwhite thoughtfully brought to reality. Laureen’s understanding, absorption, immersion & belief in our restaurant was astounding.
From concept, development, branding & ultimately fruition. Paperwhite is a sound board, partner & friend. Each task was approached with professionalism, creativity & joy. I look forward to opening every attachment & booooom! on point, on brand & on time! It’s a partnership we hold in the highest regard & relationship we hold precious in our hearts.”